45 Minute Delivery Terms

Maximum liability for The Runaway Chef is Rs. 250. Orders of 4 or more dishes qualify as bulk orders and might not be delivered within 45 minutes delivery.

Delivery time is calculated till the first barrier point (security guard / reception, etc.). 45 minute delivery might not be applicable in case of extreme weather conditions or heavy order flow or other unavoidable circumstances. In such cases, we will let you know about it as soon as we can.

The Runaway Chef reserves the right to withdraw the service without prior intimation. 45 minutes delivery shall not be applicable on festival occasions like New Year’s eve, Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas and Diwali. In such cases, the service guarantee may be withdrawn temporarily in view of difficult operating conditions for delivery.
45 minutes delivery is not applicable on pre-slotted & times orders, and ‘exclusive’ exotic meal packs (as mentioned in the title of the dish). 

Offers & Coupon Code Terms

Only one offer/coupon is applicable on an order at one time. This includes TRAC Rewards as well as offers by any 3rd party service provider like Groupon or Foodpanda.

Unless specifically mentioned, offers/coupons can’t be applied to phone orders. They are applicable only on web orders.

The Runaway Chef reserves the right to withdraw offers/coupon (or change terms of use) without prior intimation.

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